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To be admitted, a student must be a United States citizen or permanent resident (with a permanent residency visa) and have completed a minimum of 90 semester hours at a U.S. accredited four-year degree-granting institution of higher education. For students who have received a degree or are enrolled in an undergraduate college outside of the United States, a graduate degree from a U.S. college or university is required or a minimum of 20 hours of science coursework.

Students currently in a professional school or a degree-granting graduate program must complete all degree requirements and show documentation of graduation or completion of requirements prior to matriculation.

A baccalaureate degree is encouraged but not required.

MCAT scores received within the past three years are required. (For example, if you are applying for the 2011 entering class, you must submit scores from the 2010, 2009 or 2008 administration.)

All majors are valued. Students are expected to engage in a rigorous academic program enabling them to understand the basic principles of the sciences fundamental to medicine and to appreciate the psycho/social nature of humans. Applicants are expected to have the knowledge usually obtained in one-year courses in biology, general and organic chemistry, physics and mathematics. In addition, the undergraduate program should provide an understanding of the basic psycho/social, cultural and behavioral factors that influence individuals, families and communities. Regardless of the area of concentration, the applicant should have acquired effective learning, communication and problem-solving skills. Knowledge of the basic principles of statistics and computer literacy are strongly recommended.

All applicants must meet the College of Medicine Admission and Graduation Standards (Technical Standards) with or without reasonable accommodations.
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